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August 12, 2016.  Bohn Farm Property in Longmont: We have purchased a perfectly located property near Old Town Longmont, 6 acres with beautiful views of city lights at night and the mountain ranges in the day.  Space for Art and Community Support Agriculture, a one acre park and everything cohousers that love art need.  It’s zoned for commercial uses as well as residential which opens the door to our vision of low monthly HOA fees supported by the communities volunteer hours and businesses.  This is a perfect place for artists cohousing as the infrastruture is already planned, the City has approved the site for building cohousing and the group has already put thousands of hours building community members and designing energy efficient features into the plans.


May 3, 2016.  Sylvandale Property:  We are we are exploring possibilities for this property in Larimer County near Loveland. Artists Cohousing is excited about the opportunities this parcel offers — being part of a sustainable community where we can make and enjoy art in an art-supportive environment that includes other partners such as sustainable utilities, community organic agriculture, healing, building arts — deconstruction, and fine construction crafts, experiential learning, a dude ranch with horses and cattle and event spaces.  This site would include being part of a Western living experiential learning center.  Google maps: Big Valley Drive, Loveland, CO.

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SylvanDalePics SylvanDalehorselandscape

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