In cohousing you won’t need as large a home as you have now.  The Common House in Artists Cohousing is an extension of your own home.  It’s a very large home just steps away from your home with rooms where you can work and store some of your materials and tools, and many other functions.  The community will outfit rooms in the common house for whatever the community members need including arts, music, performance and practice as well as other functions — living, dining room, mail room, laundry room, food preparation, etc.

The common house may have a commercial kitchen, media, Internet, music and places to relax and check your mail and get together with neighbors to share meals.  If you have guests coming be sure to reserve the guest rooms!  Having guest rooms available to you in the common house means you don’t need to have a large home to accommodate family and friends visiting from out of town.   When you plan your art-making spaces in your home remember that having an art workspace in the common house extends your options as an artist or art-lover.

You will use this big home whenever you like.  If you need to entertain your family or friends, or you want to give a class or practice session, or host your own meet-up, reserve an area of the common house!

Envisioning the Common House:  The following is an drawing (put together by Emilie) to help you imagine yourself in the common house.  How will you make a common house part of your way of living?  The artists cohousing group will be envisioning what they need in the common house and be working with the developer, designers to figure out what works best for our group.  Our group will be perfectly balanced and includes artists, and art-lovers who value healthy organic living, green sustainable living, economic opportunities and diverse spiritual values.



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