LAC Unit Concept

by Barrett Studios Architects 29 Sept 2014

This is a rough concept design for a lower level of a home in artists cohousing. This design includes a multi-use studio which could be used as a studio if the membersĀ living there need an in-home studio or it can be used for anything the resident wanted it for, including a garage or main level BR or teaching space. The garage door opening can haveĀ glass overhead door that can be opened to the outside in nice weather and it has an entrance from the outside.



For the 2 bedroom, 2 bath home the second story might be laid out like the following:


For the one bedroom loft version the second story might look like the following:


2 Responses to “LAC Unit Concept

  • Very interested in cohousing…this seems like a dream to me a place where artists can connect and live together in harmony…

  • Artists and art-lovers who want to living in a caring and supportive community. That’s the dream-coming-true. We are doing it. You might want to join us. To find out about all the meetings and progress join the Meetup at

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