This is the draft timeline.  The homes might be done within 2 years of getting an option on the property.

Project Plan and Timeline

Phase I, 4 months

  • Get an option on the property
  • Meet with City Planner to discuss idea.
  • Assemble investors
  • Assemble offer and financing plan for property.
  • Cohouser resident community building activities and orientations.
  • Building a Core Group of participants.

Phase II – 3 months

  • Negotiate offer with property owners.
  • Meet with City Planners on Setbacks and preliminary placements.
  • Legal Option on property in place.

Plus: (1 months)

  • Meeting with local neighbors to understand their needs and get feedback on favorability to our project build in their neighborhood.
  • Master Plan Preliminary Drawings and other documents needed for City Planner requirements.
  • Soil Tests
  • Option Finalized on Property
  • Begin Workshops

Phase III – 9 months

  • Submit proposal to City Planners for Rezoning and Permits – 9 Months
  • Community Meeting with local neighbors for approval
  • Committed artist cohousers for 20 market price homes attend workshops.
  • Begin Community Building and Planning Sessions
  • 4 Resident Planning Meetings.
  • Finalize Community Site Plans with Community and City Planners
  • City approval received for rezoning and permits

Phase IV – 7 months

  • Hire construction contractor
  • Get construction loan
  • Planning for Construction and Breaking Ground
  • Building
  • Occupancy Certificates
  • First several homes completed.  Move in.

4 Responses to “Timeline

  • I LOVE the sound of this community and am looking at how to participate (I currently live in NM; my sister lives in Boulder)

    As an ex-realtor and project manager for home renovation, I have a major question about your timeline…it looks like you plan to build during the winter months. It seems to me that winter weather doesn’t allow for that, unless your contractor sees it as feasible to get the foundations in and house frames up and closed before the cold weather.

  • Hi Stede,

    Be sure to join the MeetUp to get involved. It’s at http://www.meetup.com/artists-housing-community. Once we get our financing in order and get designs and a contractor, zoning, etc, we’ll revise the timeline based on the contractors schedule. Thanks for your reply. Email me if you have questions about how to get involved. emilie.v.parker@gmail.com.

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