Contact Information

Louisville Artists Cohousing
Denver/Boulder Artists Cohousing

541 Jefferson Ave.
Louisville, CO 80027
O: 303-317-4558

Bohn Farm Cohousing Community:
1313 Spruce Ave., Longmont, CO 80501

Peter Spaulding
Colorado Cohousing Development Company
Wonderland Hill Development Company
Community Developer | Marketing Director | Sales | IT | Project Manager

PO Box 304, Longmont CO 80502
O: 720 466 0962
Email: Peter Spaulding

Committed Artist Core Members (6/1/16):

Emilie Parker,, 303-317-4558

Douglass Parker,, 303-317-4558

Greg Saville,, 203-710-1978

Shelly Saville,, 203-710-1875

Lori Shin,, 303-842-1191

Fran DiPietro,, 248-755-1665

Annie Brook,, 720-839-4332

To become a supporter, or find out how to get involved, receive meeting notices, updates and progress reports join our Meet-Up:

4 Responses to “Contact Information

  • I am very interested…

  • Have you read Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities by McCamant and Durrett (link: It’s very informative and is used by successful cohousing communities as a guide in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and even Denmark, where cohousing began. It would also be a good one to add to your “What makes cohousing unique page”, especially because the book is tried and true – certainly good reading material for anyone who is unclear about what exactly cohousing is. Great if you’re not that interested in reinventing the entire wheel.

    Good Luck!

  • Hi Lindy,

    Yes. I love that book and refer to it often. Thanks for the suggestion of adding it to our website.


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