Happening NOW — Finances For The Bohn Farm/Artists Cohousing Taking Shape


Location, location, location.

  • It’s commercial and residential
  • live/work spaces for artists
  • in the heart of beautiful northern Colorado
  • in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains
  • permanent open space nearby
  • lakes & reservoirs and parks
  • nearby preschool and excellent Boulder County schools
  • bike paths
  • organic farming and agriculture
  • walk and bike to everything you need.

We don’t yet have prices, only ranges.  The community members who join early will plan art, farming and green building amenities.  They will consider the need for affordable prices in determining amenities.

This is how you can get a ballpark idea of what your home might costs.   The goal if for the costs to be close to the average price per square foot in the city where the property is located, Longmont, Colorado.  You may look up the current price per square foot online for Longmont, 80501 zip code or call your real estate agent to look it up for you.  Since you will have a huge 3,600 sf common house and other valuable shared space, please add 15% to the price per square foot for new construction when you are calculating how many square feet you need.  Take into consideration that you may not need space for guests or entertaining as you will be use the common house for kids birthday parties, your book club, relatives visiting, ect.  The common house art facilities, gardens, and all other common areas are included in the +15%.

Potential Unit Mix:
One bedroom and 1 bathroom single level homes in a multi-unit building
Two Bedroom and 1 bathroom condos
Two Bedroom and 2 Bathroom loft condos
Two Story Townhomes with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths
One Story Single Family home with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths (1100 sf)
Two Story Townhomes with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths (1900 sf)
Large Two Story Townhomes with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths (2400 sf)
Two Story Single Family Home with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths (2400 sf)

Remember to plan for your own in-home studio if you need that.

More Info
Bohn Farm Cohousing Community and Artists Cohousing are creating this community together.  More info is at www.bfcc.names.  Or to find out more, please contact Emilie Parker: emilie.v.parker@gmail.com, 303-317-4558

To receive meeting notices, updates and progress reports join our Meet-Up: www.meetup.com/artists-housing-community


8 Responses to “Happening NOW — Finances For The Bohn Farm/Artists Cohousing Taking Shape

  • Note: the 2nd layout (with homes in the long, narrow arm of the land) looks to have better feng shui…if you care about that! Otherwise, you have many of your homes on an inner curve, with lights and cars aiming toward the houses as they drive by…

  • Hi Stede, Thanks for great input. These are good points. Perhaps you want to come to our workshop coming up this summer where we get everyone’s ideas about the arrangements. It’ll be fun.

  • I may be interested in renting as the 200,000 is more than I have. What would rent cost? Would you consider building one room studios for 100,000. I am planning to move to Colorado, within 2 years. I am a professional painter and grandmother.

  • Hi Sandy,
    If you sign up on our meetup you will get the info on sizes we are building. Right now we are recruiting members and we have 10 people who plan to move in. They will be planning what sizes we build and trying to make them as affordable as possible.


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  • Other, more affordable, and more eco-conscious housing could include Green Magic Homes (set up in just a couple of days), 1,200 square foot home costs about $32,000 and they provide financing through their company. Another option would be strawbale homes, or other cob-built structures which can cost anywhere from $1000-$30,000 depending on size/itemization/self-built or contractor-built. Some great examples can be found at the Earthaven Ecovillage of Western NC. I don’t know if strawbale or cob can be approved by the city for building permits, but the Green Magic Homes are engineer-designed and are able to be built in almost any city without any extra hoops to jump through.

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