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1. Orientation and Open House held the first Thursday of every month 6:45pm at The Art Underground, 901 Front St., Louisville, CO, 303-317-4558 2. Coming Soon!  2 day workshop.  Learn with James Leach, cohousing expert, how to go from dream to reality: your home, common house, artist studios, galleries, gardens, classrooms.    

Cohousing Governance for the New Millennium -- Happiness is a supportive community.

Art lovers, all.  You don't have to consider yourself an artist to be a core member of this community.  Art interests of all types are welcome: music, dance, literary, media, visual arts, sculpture.  Singles, couples and families of all ages building a cohousing community.  Cohousing is more than just homes.  It's a collaborative community in which residents are fully independent but actively participate in the design and operation of their neighborhoods. Cohousing provides the privacy we are accustomed to within the community we seek. Cohousing residents consciously commit to living as a community.


Members who are able are pooling resources to get the physical community built. If you want to consider helping with this please learn more and be part of our investors group.  

All art-lovers, artists and their families can become part of this group of artists living, working and sharing art in a supportive, sustainable community in Boulder County, Colorado.  Planning and building is underway.  If you are an artist or interested supporter please sign up at

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